樹比多 なつ   Natsu Kihita




I have lived in Tokyo for more than 10 years now…

What I like: English, Watching movies, Active listening, Creating something with my hands and Nature

Activities: Mental Trainer, Mental health counselor and Translator


I have worked as a mental health counselor a.k.a life coach for a few years, because I want people to spend their lives without too much stress. I just want you to enjoy and be mindful in your daily life!
Several years ago, I thought that it was normal, like other people do, to adjust myself to others around me, however I felt uncomfortable to put myself into an ordinary social life at the time. 
I pushed myself hard, I tried to be nice to others all the time and I wanted to be considered a good person etc…BUT I could realize myself that I was in an uncomfortable situation, so I faced myself and worked on it, then I could reach my true self! I accepted myself as is (old me as well as now). Now, I am just being myself. I see what I want to do in my life and I brought my intuition back, so I am happier than ever. I enjoy every single day of my life. I really hope everyone to experience that feelings.

That’s why I am here!